Kafie Trading Company Cigars

I come across hundreds of new cigars a year through social media and blogs. Most are the passion project of some cigar fan that cobbled enough money together to stroke their own ego by having their toe dipped into the vast ocean that is the premium cigar universe, but few do it consistently right at a level high enough to produce a quality product with staying power. So, when I saw Facebook consistently lighting up Kafie Cigars, I took a wait and see approach.

Kafie Trading Company’s Kafie 1901 Cigars are the embodied vision of Dr. Gaby Kafie. I could go through the yada. yada, yada of his background, but suffice it to say the Dr. Kafie has transitioned from a successful medical practice to a successful cigar company. Kafie’s cigar business isn’t just a side venture; it is his full-time plus job.

Emboldened by his family’s Honduran roots dating back several generations, Kafie’s vision is to make incredibly high quality boutique cigars. The word “boutique” is key in his vision as he’s assured me that quantity will never replace quality when it comes to his cigars. He refuses to rush any part of the cigar making process simply to put another few boxes on someone’s shelves.

In addition to cigars, Dr. Kafie is passionate about coffee. Together, with his wife, Vivian, from a third generation Honduran coffee producing family, they decided to create a socially responsible coffee company that would deliver the finest organic fair trade coffee to the U.S. market. Kafie 1901 Coffee, 100% Arabica beans that are grown in the moist air, rich soils, and tropical sunshine of Honduras. Each contributing to the glow of this always rich, never bitter brew.

Kafie Cigar Family


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Dominican / Honduran
Body: Medium

Cream, vanilla, graham cracker, milk chocolate and nuts are balanced with mild spices and earth…
This blend took almost nine months to create. The difficulty came in finding a wrapper that would be suitable for what they wanted to achieve in a Connecticut Blend. The cigar features a medium bodied shade grown wrapper which Kafie discovered in Ecuador. It is absolutely beautiful, in appearance as well as in flavor. The blend also contains binder and filler from three different countries. This four country melody is well balanced, flavorful and very elegant on the palate from beginning to end.

Pairs perfectly with various coffee drinks (including The Dude’s White Russian!) The graham cracker tone is pronounced, so be careful in pairing drinks that might conflict with that flavor.


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra
Binder: Honduran Habano
Filler: Dominican / Nicaragua / Honduran
Body: Medium to Full

Espresso, unsweetened cocoa, fruit, earth and leather…
All cigars are not created equal. The philosophy and methods used at the Puros Aliados Tobacco Factory in Danli, Honduras are legendary. Kafie shares a common goal with the late Don Rolando Reyes Sr., to create cigars that are a pleasure to smoke. This blend has an amazing wrapper sun grown in Ecuador. It is aged 4 years and is smooth, soft on the palate, with flavors of rich cream, almond, earth, and mild espresso notes. The blend really comes to life minutes after lighting. It has an amazing and mesmerizing semi sweet finish. Composed of all long filler tobacco from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. Cuban seed Habano binder really balances out the flavors and gives you that liveliness that modern connoisseurs are looking for. Smooth, balanced, flavorful and silky to the finish. This is a cigar that can be enjoyed any time of day.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Dominican / Honduran
Body: Medium to Full

Notes of coffee, cocoa, graham cracker and spice with a clean finish…
This blend was created using a 5-6 year aged Cuban Seed Habano wrapper grown in Nicaragua and aged in Kafie’s factory in Honduras. Binder and filler are aged 3-4 years. Don’t let the darkness of the wrapper give you the impression that this is a full body cigar. The blend itself is proprietary and there’s not too much detail available. The tobacco used in Kafie cigars are 100% naturally grown, and naturally aged. The flavor profile is robust and complex, yet its interpretation comes across very balanced. This cigar can be enjoyed by all cigar smokers.


Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Dominican / Nicaraguan / Brazilian Mata Fina
Body: Full

This cigar took almost 2 years to create. The tobaccos in this blend come from five different countries, including our own harvest from Honduras. This box pressed masterpiece is my dream combination of tobaccos. A blend to be enjoyed at the most festive occasions.