Anyone — liquor store, golf pro shop, grocery store or gas station — can sell you cigars. All you need is a supplier and a tobacco license. Where we are vastly different is in how we select and display what we choose to sell.

EVERYTHING we choose to carry here at Chesapeake Pipe & Cigar is PERSONALLY SELECTED by “Reverend” Mike Lohsl. Unless there’s a specific reason or demand, we don’t carry it unless The Reverend likes it! But, it goes even deeper than just “liking” a cigar. There are too many likable cigars out there to carry in our shop. So, we have to pick and choose what we sell by determining how that particular cigar fits into the spectrums of body, flavor and budget. This is where our EXPERT CURATION comes into play.

For instance, our most popular blend of cigar here at Chesapeake is one which has a Connecticut shade wrapper. So, to properly curate a great selection of Connecticut wrapper cigars, we must select several different brand’s expressions of this single attribute that span the multiple attributes of BODY, FLAVOR and BUDGET.

Thus, we’ll select something that is mild, creamy and very inexpensive (but very good.) To that, we’ll also select a cigar line that is mild and creamy, but in the “about” $10 range. Finally, we’ll choose a mild and creamy cigar that has been aged longer and carries a slightly higher price to round out that particular set of variable. And, then we’ll start all over again by moving on to something that is mild and somewhat spicy…

After making our selections, we then feel that it’s important to communicate why we selected what’s on the shelf to you when you’re browsing our humidor. Rather than follow you around and make you uncomfortable, we take the space on our shelves to place descriptions of our cigar choices — information on what to expect from that cigar and even what types of drinks it pair with. Of course, we’re ALWAYS available for questions, but we don’t shadow you the whole time you’re shopping.

Because of these processes, we have been selected as the BEST CIGAR SHOP in the Annapolis area numerous times by the readers of TWO different publications. Being great isn’t about filling walls with endless boxes. It’s about selecting those boxes which people really like. We like to think that our FOURTEEN plus “Best Of” awards tell us that we’re on the right track!

When you visit our humidor, you won’t be greeted with 500+ boxes from which to choose. We have cut our inventory down to just about 150 boxes (that’s about 50 different cigar blends in the most locally popular sizes.) We can always order you a box of something we don’t stock, so whether it’s on our shelves or not, we can help you get exactly what you’re looking for!

While most of our cigar choices have been gracing our shelves for more than a decade, we’re no afraid to try-out something new. As a matter of fact, we’re constantly on the look-out for those hidden and not so hidden gems that come out from time to time.

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