Acid by Drew Estates

In 1998, two frat brothers had the great idea to sell cigars in the lobby of NYC’s World Trade Center. Two years later, these guys established ACID Cigars with an eye on innovating and reinventing stodgy old cigars for the 21st century.

Drew Estates’ ACID Cigars are some of the most popular alternative premium cigars in the world. Infused, not flavored, with essential oils, aromatics botanicals and more, While ACID’s aren’t every cigar smoker’s cup of tea, they are perfect for people looking for a unique taste and aroma unlike just about any other cigar.

ACID Blondie

The one line of ACID brand that reigns supreme over them all is the Blondie. Small in size, but huge in reputation, the original Blondie still comes in a 4″ x 38 Sumatra wrapped version, sporting a twisted pigtail on top. Blondie has spawned tons of wannabe imitators, But the OG Blondie and its spin-offs brothers and sisters have passionate and loyal fans that think, each iteration is just as delicious as the last.

Each member of the Blondie family is handcrafted, and spends time in Drew Estate’s aromatic rooms where over 150 essential oils and botanicals slowly influence the flavor of the final blend.

While we don’t carry every current Blondie in regular stock, we certainly can special order them all. The ACID Blondie line includes:
ACID Blondie: the original small powerhouse cigar; slightly sweet
ACID Blondie Maduro: small maduro wrapped powerhouse; slightly sweet
ACID Blondie Belicoso: Blondie’s delicious flavor in a larger torpedo-tipped size
ACID Blondie Red: a rich twist on the classic Blondie
ACID Blondie Gold: possibly the smoothest Blondie there is
ACID Blondie Candela: lean, mean, green machine; notes of tea and sugar

Acid Kuba Kuba

Originally offered in just Robusto+ size, the Kuba line has now extended into a brand all by itself. Available in a variety of wrapper tobaccos, sizes, and blends, the wildly popular Kuba family brings its fans wide variety within a dependable package.

As with the Blondies, we don’t carry every variation of Kuba in stock, however, we can usually have any of them within a few days. The ACID Kuba Kuba line includes:
ACID Kuba Kuba: the OG; a Sumatra leaf wrapped Fat Robusto, medium-bodied
ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro: a darker, richer twist on an ACID favorite
ACID Kuba Kuba Candela: green, sweet and exceedingly unique
ACID Kuba Deluxe Tubo: Toro-sized Kuba Kuba; smooth and mellow
ACID Kuba Kuba Grande: limited edition Gordo size; slow-burning