Palió Award Winning Cigar Cutters

2010, Cigar Journal (then known as European Cigar Journal) awarded Palio Cutters the Cigar Trophy in the category Best Accessory based on its elegant ergonomic design and ultra sharp surgical steel blades. At the end of the day, your cigar cutter should be easy to use and give you a clean cut.

Meticulously crafted for ultimate precision, Palió is the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. With Palió, you can be sure that even the most valuable cigars in your collection will be prepared to your exacting specifications.

The Palió Cutter offers:

  • Remarkable sharpness compared to other leading cutters
  • Available in twelve colors/styles
  • Ergonomic design for a smooth, effortless cut
  • Contoured cigar holder for convenience and germ-free smoking
  • Detent position for safety while in your pocket
  • Large cutter opening handles all but the biggest “gimmick” cigars
  • Lifetime warranty

Palió Cutter

From concept and design to product testing and refinement, Palió has been engineered to deliver the most precise cut available in the cigar accessory market today. In a test conducted by Synergistic Medical Technologies using force-gauge analysis, Palió maintained its sharpness over other cutters by a dramatic margin.

When in the company of colleagues, associates, or comrades, let Palió give you the cutting edge!
Palió … A cut above™