Esteban Carreras brings us a cigar they claim is “Impossibly Smooth.” While there are hundreds of cigars that can rightfully claim that they are smooth, there are none, up to now, they can make such claim AND be constructed with 75% Ligero Filler leaf. That was thought to be an impossibility — until now!

Bloodline OPA Blond, Habano & Maduro

Bloodline OPA Habano is made with a Habano Rosado Wrapper leaf AND 75% Ligero Filler leaf. For those that know, Ligero tobacco is harvested from the very top of the tobacco plant and is usually the strongest tobacco used in cigar making. Typically, the more Ligero tobacco in the mix, the power the cigar packs. Bloodline OPA Habano shatters that assumption!

Using an almost unheard of process called Soft Crush Fermentation, the Ligero leaves are left much smoother than the typical Ligero-forward cigar would ever have on its own.

Early in the fermentation process, the Ligero leaves have weight applied. The weight pushes the various oils from the leaves, into the veins and the leaf tips. This has the amazing effect of bringing out the most enjoyable characteristics of the tobacco while mellowing the potent aspects in the process.

The result is highly complex aromatic cigar with a surprisingly refreshing floral tone. Bloodline OPA Habano delivers unexpected pleasure with every puff. It is because it shouldn’t work that it has never been tried before. And it is precisely why this Bloodline OPA is truly different.


The Soft Crush Fermentation transforms the tobacco in surprising ways. While smoothing the experience, the leaves take on a subtle natural floral tone — some compare the aroma to roses. The floral is contrasted with deep notes of earth and subtle spice.


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Rosado Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan (Including 75% Ligero)
Body: Medium / Full
Flavor: Medium / Full