Gawith & Hoggarth Fine Tobaccos

Gawith Hoggarth & Co has been operating since 1887 and five generations later, Chris and Rachel Gawith continue their family traditions with the same core values as the company began with so many generations ago. But, none of this tradition and lineage mean anything unless the product is good. In the case of Gawith & Hoggarth, unlike many other companies with long histories, decades of satisfied customers to this day have consistently given their tobaccos excellent ratings.

Gawith & Hoggarth pipe tobaccos remain some of the hardest to get and most coveted blends in the world, with a cult-like following in the US.

Because of their small batch production, sterling reputation for great blends and massive demand, retailers find it very hard to maintain a consistent supply year round. When their product does make it to the US, it is doled out by their wholesalers in small quantities. Often times, a retailer will wait six to eight months in between shipments.

Chesapeake Pipe & Cigar has spent years growing our reputation and volume in the pipe category to be included on the list of lucky retailers which receive a taste of each shipment. We know we’ll get some when a shipment makes its way to the US, but we usually don’t know how much we’ll get or which blends will come our way.

We’ve selected about 20 blends to try to keep stocked, 20 of their most popular and highest rated blends. Because of the low volume we receive, we limit our sales to a few ounces per person in the case of bulk sales and one tin for pre-packaged blends.

Some Of Our Current Gawith & Hoggarth Blends (Subject to availability):

  • #25 Mixture
  • American Black Cherry
  • Balkan Mixture (Bulk & Tin)
  • Best Brown Flake #2
  • Black Irish X
  • Bob’s Chocolate Flake (Bulk & Tin)
  • Bright CR Flake
  • Brown Bogie
  • Brown Flake Unscented
  • Brown Irish X
  • Brown Twist
  • Coniston Cut Plug
  • Dark Birds Eye
  • Dark Flake Aromatic
  • Dark Flake Unscented
  • Ennerdale Flake (Bulk & Tin)
  • Glengarry Flake
  • Kendal #7
  • Kendal Black Cherry
  • Kendal Dark
  • Kendal Kentucky
  • Kendal Mixed
  • Louisiana Flake