Géométrie From G. L. Pease

A blend of aged Red Virginia’s layered with vintage Basma and Izmir leaf, G.L. Pease’s Géométrie reinvigorates the Virginia / Oriental archetype in a pressed, plug-cut format, offering exceptional aging potential and a deep, matured flavor right out of the tin: Notes of freshly baked goods overlap planes of subtle spice, rich, malty sweetness, and a hint of floral zest on the palate.

Géométrie is the second blend in G.L. Pease’s Zeitgeist Collection of pipe tobaccos, a line celebrating the often avant-garde and rebellious themes of the modern era. These are innovative mixtures designed to challenge preconceptions and to incite contemplation through their modern artwork, unique formats, and components.

I opened a tin for sampling here at the shop. Using my handy dandy HumidiMeter, the plug clocked-in at 90% humidity. I shaved a serving off the fairly dense plug and let it dry in the tin lid while I took care of a few things. After about 15 / 20 minutes, I thought it had dried enough to pack and smoke.

Although not topped with any flavoring, the tobaccos combine to produce a pleasant and complex aroma similar to apple. Once lit, Geometrie smokes cool, mild and sweet with no noticeable hint of tongue bite. Keeping it lit was slightly problematic as It probably could have used another 30 minutes of drying time, although, to be fair, the day I smoked the sample was very humid. According to bystanders, the room note is slightly sweet, but very faint.