Memorial Day

Every year I ponder the “celebration” of Memorial Day. On one hand, it has become the
“Unofficial Start Of Summer” for most Americans. There are sales, picnics and all the activities the first weekend of summer would seem to demand.

However, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all those that died serving America and the American people. READ MORE ABOUT MEMORIAL DAY >>

We can reconcile the dual meanings of what should be a fairly solemn day by simply taking a moment to dedicate the day’s freedoms to those that died protecting our liberty. When you buy an on-sale mattress, drink a beer, eat a hot dog or smoke a cigar, do so with the thought that people died to preserve and protect America. Regardless of what our personal and societal challenges are, like it or not, America remains the best symbol of liberty and freedom on Earth.

You don’t need to the actual name of someone who sacrificed their life. No, just giving all of those that died a thought and a mental toast of sorts, is great. Lift a beer or dedicate a cigar to their memory. Be grateful and live a life worthy of those that sacrificed their lives to save the Republic and our way of life.