Muestra is the humble, common word for “sample” in Nicaragua that takes on much more important, sometimes reverential meaning when used in a handmade cigar factory. A muestra is the vision of the ligador and torcedor realized, it is the promise of a new experience and possibly the key to financial success for the fabrica. Muestras are hoarded and coveted by not only their makers, but by the cigar smokers who seek to catch a glimpse into the cigarmaker’s soul within their smoke.

Several Versions Of Muestra De Saka

Muestra de Saka is just that. A line of unique blends and vitolas made in extremely limited quantities that reflect the blending machinations of Master Ligador, Steve Saka. They include many different expressions and are often crafted of leaf Saka is less familiar with or not even a particular fan of to create something of worth beyond his own previous experiences.

“To smoke a Muestra de Saka is to embark upon a journey with me in which I greatly welcome your companionship.”

— Steve Saka

Due to the uniqueness of Muestra De Saka, specific Tasting Notes and Tobacco Notes vary as blends are released.