The name Rattray’s stands for the highest quality of Scottish smoking culture. Charles Rattray, born in 1880 in Scotland, spent his time training in a stronghold of the tobacco industry, in Dundee, Scotland. Charles made the decision, very early on, to embrace his ideas for tobacco mixtures. In 1903 he opened the House of Rattray in Perth, thus founding one of the largest tobacco companies on the British Isles. Charles Rattray is still a well-known name in the pipe smoking world, his tobaccos are highly rated by connoisseur smokers. Located in Perth, the Rattrays tobacconist not only sold tobaccos, but like most tobacconists blended on site too. His skills with tobacco eventually saw the shop become a blending house in its own right.

Currently, Oliver Kopp, of Germany’s , has been the driving force behind the Rattrays brand. Under the name RATTRAY’S, Kopp sources their private label pipes from makers all over Europe, ensuring that the Rattray’s Pipe Brand has a wide variety of pipe shapes and finishes, while maintaining their signature English styling.

While Rattray’s tobacco production has moved from Scotland to Germany, now produced by Kohlhase, Kopp und Co. KG. All the blends are skillfully hand produced as they have been over 100 plus years, using all the secrets Charles Rattray brought with him when he set out on his own.

We offer you a wide selection of Rattray’s blends to enjoy. They have balanced, unique and masterfully blended pipe tobaccos in traditional styles.

(There have been some recent changes to the tin art that might make identification a little difficult, but the names and blends are still the same.)

3 NogginsScottishA kicked-up version of 7 Reserve with all its fragrant properties and more strength.
7 ReserveEnglishMild Virginia brings citrus tones with Cyprian Latakia adding signature smoky, woody, earthy and sweet Orientals reinforcing the smoky / woodiness while adding floral, dry, sour and spicy Oriental, which brings the power in a supporting role. A touch of black cavendish adds a light sugar sweetness.
Accountants’ MixtureEnglishA dark, full-bodied and remarkably smooth blend containing Virginias, Unsweetened Black Cavendish, and Latakia. Rattray’s Accountants’ Mixture is great for outdoor smoking and is a great English-style blend for those that like their tobacco with a milder profile.
Bagpiper’s DreamAromaticRattray’s Bagpiper’s Dream is a fragrant blend comprised of four ready rubbed Virginia tobaccos including ribbon cut, plug, curly, and flake. The mixture is lightly top dressed with Cognac for an elegant smoke.
Black MalloryScottishFull flavored, with medium body, Black Mallory offers a slight sweetness along with the smoky / floral qualities you’d expect from Cyprian Latakia. The Virginias temper the strength of the Latakia with notes of provide earth, grass and tangy citrus, with a touch of darker dried fruit. The Orientals in the blend offer earth, wood and some floral / herbal tones, with a dash of spice. A dash of sugary Black Cavendish rounds-out the experience.
Black VirginiaNon-AromaticA coal-black Cavendish without any toppings. Mellow, yet rich, you might detect naturally occuring hints of butterscotch, liquorice, plum and nuttiness. Black Virginia can be smoked the whole day long.
Brown CluneeNon-Aromatic“Brown Clunee” is one of Charles Rattray’s signature blends. The blend takes dark ground Virginia Flake, Kentucky-grown Virginia and a touch of Louisiana Perique and brings their natural flavors together with a. phenomenal taste. Expect an overall sweetness from the high sugar content of the Virginias, while the Perique brings its typical dried fruit and slight spice complexity.
BuckinghamAromaticBuckingham is a blend of black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley. Enjoying this blend you will experience the true promise of hickory nut and bourbon vanilla hitting the scent of cinnamon, thanks to its subtle flavor toppings. (Its rumored that Buckingham is the reincarnation of Peterson’s old Gold Blend,)
Dark FragrantNon-AromaticRich in flavor and smooth in body, a high proportion of black Cavendish is seasoned with a pinch of Perique to enhance this sublime mixture. Truly a great non-arophatic to relax with.
Exotic PassionAromaticA decadent blend of black Cavendish, bright and red Virginia’s is topped with Floral Essences (Rose), Passion Fruit, Mango, Maple and Orange, making Exotic Passion, well, exotic.
Hal O The WyndNon-AromaticA unusually full-bodied Virginia tobacco with a slight sweetness and extremely pleasant smoking characteristics. Fire-cured Kentucky is added to a base of a variety of Virginias and Perique completes this mixture. It is then pressed and finally rubbed by hand. The name comes from that of the armourer in the novel “The Fair Maid of Perth” – a man who had “a most unusual share of strength.
Highland TargeScottishBlack Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental / Turkish, Virginia makeup the ingredients in this recipe. While the body is on the milder side, the flavor is fairly full, thanks to the robust Latakia in the blend. Rather than the Latakia knocking you over, it’s actually pretty subtle for a Scottish blend.
Jocks MixtureEnglishA very dark and full-flavored mild mixture of surprising flavor and very slow burn. The Virginia takes the lead with sweetness, nice depth and color. The Cavendish provides sweetness and hints of stewed fruit. A touch of Latakia adds the seasoning with spice and a hint of zest.
Marlin FlakeNon-AromaticRipe, sweet, nutty, rich and mouth watering — these are just a few of the words tobacco reviewers mention in conjunction with Marlin Flake. With multiple styles of tangy Virginia’s layered throughout, a touch of Perique brings tone’s of molasses and plum, while an overall natural sweetness provides the perfect base for this popular Va/Per.
Old GowrieNon-AromaticFine, dark Virginia, Kentucky and a hint of Perique are blended and then left to “ripen” in the press for up to 3 months before this tobacco is cut and rubbed by hand. The resulting tobacco is complex, with sweet, spicy and a light floral tone.
ProfessionalEnglishBlack Cavendish, Latakia, Oriental / Turkish and Virginia tobaccos provide a complex experience. The Latakia is smoky, dark and rich, the Orientals enhance the Virginia leaf and black Cavendish provides a delicious backbone to the blend. It is a mild to medium bodied unflavored black cavendish with Balkan tendencies.
Red RappareeScottishRed Rapparee is one of Rattray’s most popular blends! A charming, perfectly balanced, dark mixture of Virginia tobaccos, Orientals, black Cavendish and a luxurious quantity of Latakia. The ash is pale grey and similar to that of a good cigar — a wonderful, spicy mixture.
Stirling FlakeEnglishStirling Flake is a full-bodied blend for the experienced smoker who enjoys the full power of an English flake. Equal amounts of air-cured, flue-cured and dark fired tobacco give this powerhouse its specific flavor.
Wallace FlakeAromaticMany describe Wallace Flake as the Holy Grail among English-style flakes. Tangy and sweet Virginia tobaccos, whose color ranges from golden to chocolate brown sport hints of earthy, dark fruit, a touch floralness and bread. The Burley is toasty, nutty and sweet / spicy with a slight molasses tone. Plum topping rounds out this fine aromatic blend.
Winter 2022AromaticA mix of bright golden Virginia – as golden as angel hair, jet black Black Cavendish and brown Burley will bring back memories of wonderful Christmas times. Intense aroma of butterscotch, paired with incredibly delicious vanilla flavor literally explodes in your palate.
Year Of The TigerAromatic2022 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. The third sign of the zodiac stands for a lot of strength, self-confidence, courage and a thirst for adventure. That’s why there is a picture of a tiger and of course the obligatory Rattray’s triskelion on the elegant decorative box.

The mixture is lots of Black Cavendish and various Virginias and goes perfectly with the fruity aroma of goji berries and the freshness of lemon. The slight addition of honey and vanilla flavors lead to a pleasant creaminess.