Room 101 Farce Maduro

The visual of Room 101’s decadent and oily wrapper triggers a salivary response within your mouth hole. A brilliant spring of neurotransmitters rushes from your midbrain and dives head first into your bloodstream at the nanosecond your eyes make contact with their succulent and inviting exterior. Can you only imagine what may happen once you taste FARCE Maduro? Don’t think about it – be about it. FARCE Maduro is the taste grenade you have only dreamt could be real.

This tasty creation is produced in the Ventura Factory in the Dominican Republic for Room 101. With a San Andres wrapper, a Sumatra Binder, and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, the medium-to-full bodied Farce Maduro provides the perfect balance between flavor and strength. A highly fragrant smoke, with notes of licorice, wood, and espresso, the Farce Maduro pairs nicely with iced coffee, dark imported ale, or your favorite dessert.

Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
Binder: Sumatran
Filler: Nicaraguan, Pennsylvanian (USA) and Connecticut (USA Too)
Body: Medium to Full
Flavor: Full