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The latest addition to EP Carrillo’s. “family” series is the 2023 release of Allegiance. This newest release was created to honor those friends and co-workers that Perez-Carrillo counts on for being there when he needs them to be — the people you’re not related to, but are just like family. He’s honoring these people’s Allegiance, with size names of Sidekick,…

EP Carrillo

NEW! EP Carrillo Short Run Retro 2021

The EP Carrillo Short Run Series dates back to 2009, when Carrillo was just starting to venture back into the cigar industry, after selling his La Gloria Cubana brand to General Cigar Company. Short Run actually predates all of Carrillo’s regular production brands. After 2009’s release, Carrillo brought Short Run back annually between 2011 and 2016. Five years later, Short…