Tatuaje Black Label

There’s no worse feeling in the cigar world than missing out on a “limited edition” release. Those who follow cigar news and releases are often left out in the cold if they can’t act fast enough, watching all the trendy cigar hipsters enjoying the latest and greatest blends. One of the worst offenders of this, Tatuaje Black Label, has existed in seventeen different Limited Edition releases — SEVENTEEN (and counting.)

Tatuaje Black Limited Edition Release Package From around 2008

There’s a great story behind Black Label. Tatuaje brand owner, Pete Johnson tells how a chance meeting with a local cigar roller in Cuba. As Pete tells it, on a visit to Cuba, while staying with a friend, this old guy rides his bicycle past the house Johnson was staying in pretty much every day while Johnson is often enjoying a cigar in front yard. The old guy stops to talk, eventually pulling a roughly rolled cigar out of his shirt pocket and, together, they share the old man’s cigars. This happened for several days.

Pete was so impressed with the old man’s cigars that he took one to his soon to be father-in-law, Pepin Garcia, and asked him to “make me some of these.”

Originally, Johnson sold the Blacks in a ceramic jar humidor, black with gold writing and graphics. It was said, at the time, that the ONLY way to get more is if you physically posses one of the jars. (By the way, I personally have one of these original jars in my humidor cabinet.)

After SIXTEEN limited releases, Tatuaje brought the Black Label into regular production, but, they’re not done with special limited edition release, with the most current being the release of a true Toro they created just for the 2021 PCA EXCLUSIVE program, which we will have in stock until our supply is exhausted.

Tatuaje Black Label cigars are Nicaraguan puros that immediately impress. A slightly oily Nicaraguan Sun-Grown wrapper invites you in with notes of coffee bean and earth. Chewy, dense chewy dense smoke that is both sweet with nougat and hearty with coffee bean coats the palate, and you’ll quickly understand why this one gets heaps of 90+ ratings.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Body: Medium to Full
Flavor: Medium