The third installment from Alec Bradley’s Experimental Series is Double Broadleaf. the cigar features proprietary wrapper and binder tobacco from heritage Connecticut Broadleaf seeds grown in the rich soils of Honduras. These exclusive tobaccos are then blended with an additional binder from Nicaragua and filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua to create a bold, rich, and flavorful smoking experience. The creation of Double Broadleaf exemplifies what it means to be experimental.

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf

The experimental aspect of this cigar blend is the growing of Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco in Honduras, rather than Connecticut, USA, which is not generally done — up till now. Since US grown Connecticut Broadleaf is typically in very short supply, the Rubin family set their minds to the task of successfully growing this highly sought after tobacco outside its typical growing region. They invested several years of growing seasons to get what they felt was the best outcome.

“It tested our knowledge of agronomy, blending and the market,” said Bradley Rubin, who called the smoke “a flavorful cigar that delivers the extra horsepower our brand advocates have been asking us for.”

This cigar starts out running full speed from the first light. As you smoke, puffing bathes the tongue with flavor while each breath, through your nose, delivers an almost addictive aroma that you can’t get from a retrohale. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself taking deeper breaths, just to capture some more of the aromas in the swirling smoke.

The proprietary Honduran Broadleaf tobacco reveals malty notes of dark chocolate and cedar with a strong foundation of espresso bean, coffee, and a good amount of black pepper. A dense and toasty finish layers the palate with hints of salt and earth. It’s been said that the Rubins loved the flavor of this Broadleaf so much, they included it as a second binder leaf, just to amp-up that richness.

WRAPPER: Honduran Broadleaf Maduro
BINDER: Double Binder — Honduran Broadleaf Maduro & Nicaraguan
FILLER: Honduran & Nicaraguan
BODY: Medium to Full

Double Broadleaf comes in five sizes — Chunk (4×60), Robusto (5×50), Toro (6×52), Gran Corona (7×46) & Gordo (6×60)