What Makes Us Different?

While we’ve always strived to be more that just a “cigar shop,” we have refined our vision over the better part of the last decade to focus on what we see is really important to our customers, members and family. Anyone with some retail floor space and a tobacco license can sell cigars, but that’s far from the vision we have of promoting and supporting the cigar culture.

Our vision requires us to nurture three cornerstones that we feel are crucial to a great cigar experience whether you stop in just to buy a cigar or you become a member and enjoy everything we have to offer.

  1. Give you the right environment in which to enjoy your cigar.
  2. Build a long-term personal relationship with you that gives you the confidence to trust our recommendations and advice.
  3. Offer you a selection of great cigars, each chosen to fill a particular niche across the entire spectrum of cigars.

We have worked long and hard to develop these three cornerstones and bring them to you and we continue to refine our approach to delivering the value that these three cornerstones embody.

Award Winning

We have been voted Best Cigar Shop in the Annapolis area, with over a dozen awards under our belts to date. To us, this means we deliver everything you really want in a cigar shop — much more than just a room full of cigars and some chairs to sit in and smoke.

Personally Selected

There are literally thousands of cigar choices competing for a place in your your hand. It’s easy to fill a room with well known random cigars, but it takes real commitment, knowledge and dedication to actually evaluate each and every cigar before making it available in our humidor.

Expertly Curated

The word “curated” is thrown around with abandon these days. We take all that comes with this task very seriously. We curate the cigars we choose to offer you to fit very particular niches over the body and flavor spectrum. While most cigar shops simply shoehorn as many different cigar boxes they can into their humidor, we feel that we actually help our customers by narrowing down our selections to have each specific cigar fit into the huge mosaic that makes up the total cigar experience.

While there are many cigars we do not carry, each one we do is a great representative of the combination of body and flavor that is really most important to a great cigar experience. The synergy of our focus and technique insure that we can help you make the perfect selection whether you’re looking for a cigar to smoke while playing a round of golf or looking for the perfect combination of body and flavor to pair with a prized bottle of Scotch.