Our Lounge

Our lounge space is set aside for the use of our retail customers. This means you are welcome to sit, relax and enjoy a cigar that you bought from us. If you bought it on the Internet or at another cigar shop, use their lounge. (We choose to not have a cutting fee program for outside cigars.) After all, you wouldn’t have pizza delivered to your table at a pizza shop or bring your own beer to a bar.

When you visit our shop, you’ll instantly see that we have dedicated more space to the enjoyment of your cigar than to selling products. That might seem like complete madness to some, but if it is, that means we’re crazy like a fox!

Chesapeake Pipe & Cigar is about the pipe and cigar culture. That culture finds a home in our spacious comfortable lounge. We don’t think a few chairs in the back room quite cut it as a lounge. We’ve designed our space to meet the needs of just about every type of smoker.

In our Sports Theater Lounge we have FOUR big screen HDTVs, surround sound, home theater chairs and lots of tech tools such as WiFi, Apple TV, Fire Stick, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and more., This area is ready for watching a movie, cheering on your favorite team or catching the day’s latest sports news. Only on rare occasions do we tune our TVs in to regular news programs as we find it divisive and stressful.

For football fans, we have the NFL Sunday Ticket so we don’t have to miss a game all season long! We also have MLB and NBA Season Pass so we can watch any game on any given night.

To create an adult atmosphere attractive to the pipe and cigar smoker have implemented the following prohibitions.

  • No children under 18 years of age (except to quickly come in and leave with a parent)
  • No pets
  • No cigarette smoking

You’re welcome to bring your own food and drink into our store. We ask that you be aware of your surroundings and clean-up after yourself before you leave the shop — throw away cups, newspapers, napkins, etc… Our rule is “Don’t make a mess bigger than you’re willing to clean up!”