E.P. Carrillo Pledge

Perez-Carrillo, as a name, has been known in the cigar industry for decades. Ernesto, like his father before him, and all those even earlier have all been integrally involved in making cigars for generations. This is the inspiration behind the Perez-Carrillo Series of Cigars. These cigars are created from generations’ worth of knowledge, poured into unique blends, and which culminate as the creations of Ernesto Perez-Carrillo himself. Only these cigars are allowed to bear the name Perez-Carrillo and each vitola is an homage to someone within the family and celebrate the pride, joy, and cigars of the Perez-Carrillo history.

Pledge is the third release in the Perez-Carrillo Series of Cigars which was preceded by La Historia in 2014 and Encore in 2018 (La Historia was rated #2 in Cigar of the year in 2014 judging and Encore was 2018’s Cigar of the Year) making up what is now known as the Trilogy.

When a cigar garners a 98 Rating, it’s in very rare company. Ernesto Carrillo’s Pledge Prequel blew away the competition and earned it’s slot as 2020 Cigar Of The Year in the venerated Cigar Aficionado magazine! And, while earning a stellar rating and a Cigar Of The Year Award would be enough said for some, it’s still important to know a few more details before you light one up.

Pledge quietly stunned the cigar industry during the COVID pandemic, so you can’t be blamed for missing it. Reviews slowly painted the picture of a very special cigar with comments that called it the most sublimely rich, structured and interesting cigar smoked all year — those are incredible accolades!

Carrillo’s Pledge delivers flavor in bold, zesty parcels of spicy oak, licorice, black cherry and black pepper. Baking spices sing like a holiday chorus, and when you think you’ve tasted all the cigar has to offer, a warm, familiar note of baked apple settles across the palate. But, remember, Pledge is full bodied — you’ll want to eat before smoking and sit down while enjoying this rare and exceptional cigar.

Pledge is hard to keep in stock, as most top rated cigars are, so you have to get ’em while we got ’em!

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Habano
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Body: Full
Flavor: Full