The Story Behind Allegiance

To understand the story behind ALLEGIANCE, we have to step back in time to the release of LA HISTORIA almost a decade ago. The story behind the La Historia line has special significance to the history of the Perez-Carrillo family.

La Historia pays tribute to the women in the family. The year La Historia was released, was rated the #2 Year Of The Year by Cigar Aficionado in 2014.

Encore, the second in the “family” series, was released in 2018 and is dedicated to the next generation of his family — his grandchildren. Carrillo received a 96 rating and Cigar Of The Year honors for 2018.

Pledge came third in the “family” line. This 2020 release is made in appreciation of the company’s diehard fans over the years — as well as Ernesto’s tobacco-blending journey throughout his life. The EP Carrillo Pledge Prequel rated 98, considered an instant classic on the formal Cigar Aficionado ratings scale. This rating earned Perez-Carrillo another #1 Cigar Of The Year honors for 2020.

The latest addition to the “family” series is the 2023 release of Allegiance. This newest release was created to honor those friends and co-workers that Perez-Carrillo counts on for being there when he needs them to be — the people you’re not related to, but are just like family. He’s honoring these people’s Allegiance, with size names of Sidekick, Confidant, Wingman and Chaperone. In January of 2023, the EP Carrillo Allegiance Confidant rated a solid 94 by the writers of Cigar Insider (Cigar Aficionado’s digital subscription publication where they often times post reviews prior to inclusion in the print magazine at a future date).

From the very beginning of E.P. Carrillo, we understood the importance of working with like-minded tobacco producers from across the globe. That’s why EP Carrillo partnered with Oliva Cigars, a well trusted legacy cigar company located in Nicaragua, known for great blends and consistent performance. Allegiance was blended by Ernesto using Oliva’s world famous tobaccos and marks the second cigar of the E.P. Carrillo line to be produced outside of Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican Republic.

A medium to full bodied cigar that is complex and flavorful, Allegiance offers the smoker notes of spice, nut, sweetness and a slight hint of black coffee.

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sumatra-Seed
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan
STRENGTH: Medium to Full
FLAVOR: Medium to Full