Kill Bill By La Palina

Contrary to popular belief, Kill Bill by La Palina is not named after the movie series (Kill Bill 1 & Kill Bill 2.) Nope, the name is derived from an experience that Bill Paley, the grandson of the original La Palina and CBS Network founder, Sam Paley, had while smoking cigar samples. Specifically, Paley lit-up a sample of what ended up being an addition to La Palina’s El Diario brand.

Expecting something milder and creamer, Bill wasn’t prepared for something stronger and fuller. Paley was thrown for a loop and commented that the guys at the factory were “Trying to kill him” by sneaking in something with a solid punch to it. The sample blend was forever nicknamed “Kill Bill” and was banded as such in the early days. This became known as “Kill Bill #1.”

A few years later, Paley introduced a sequel to El Diario Kill Bill #1, known as El Diario Kill Bill #2.

The “NEW” Kill Bill Family

Like Laverne & Shirley was originally an episode of Happy Days, for 2021 (really 2022 at this point,) Kill Bill has become a stand alone brand, leaving the protective umbrella of the El Diario brand.

Kill Bill or KB for brevity, joins two more vitolas — KB #3 and KB #4, fleshing out the blend offerings into a respectable series with true shelf presence.

Kill Bill Part 1 is 4.25 x 40
Kill Bill Part 2 is 6 x 40
The new Kill Bill Part 3 is 5 x 52
The new Kill Bill Part 4 is 6 x 54

While the basic blend is the same across the sizes, the new #3 and #4 are even more “deadly”, thanks to the increase in Ligero tobacco, which is typically one of the strongest tobacco primings on the plant (Corona is the strongest, but not used very often due to its small leaf size.)

Kill Bill a a richly flavored medium to full-bodied cigar with hearty tobacco flavors and sweet characteristics delivered by its Honduran Rosado wrapper. This work pairs well and rounds out the spicy Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Criollo ‘98 fillers used in this blend. The double binders from Honduras refine and complete the blend, creating beautiful balance and an extremely enjoyable smoking experience.

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo Rosado
Binder: Honduran (Double Criollo Binder)
Filler: Nicaraguan (Corojo & Criollo)
Body: Medium to Full (Full for #3 and #4)
Flavor: Medium to Full