Savinelli Pipes

Savinelli Pipe FactoryIn 1876 Achilles Savinelli Sr. founded the brand which bears his name in Milan, Italy, with one of the world’s first specialist tobacco shops. Today the Savinelli name is known across the globe as one of the most venerable, popular, and most productive providers of premium tobacco pipes, cigars, and smoking accessories. They’re also the only marque in their league which maintains full control of their pipe production from the sourcing of briar to the finishing touches, with every single Savinelli pipe originating from their own factory in Barasso. While the original Savinelli pipe and tobacco shop, located near the famous Piazzo Duomo, remains in operation to this day, it is now but one small part of the business led by Chairman Giancarlo Savinelli, the great-grandson of Achilles Sr., and guided by CEO Sonia Rivolta.

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