QR Codes

We’ve started to insert QR Codes in many areas of our shop — product descriptions and our VIP List sign-up system are the first two areas of concentration. As the COVID pandemic unfolded, more and more individuals and organizations began to move to QR Codes as a way of providing information that they had provided on paper up to now. A QR Code lowered the need to make physical contact with menus, brochures, flyers, business cards and whatnot. And, were as you could get 10 or 15 words on a little product description sign, like, for instance, the ones used in wine shops (called shelf talkers), opening a web link through pointing and clicking can lead you to pages that give you exhaustive information about the product that’s right in front of you without having to type a single letter into Google (or Bing or Yahoo, or…)

While QR Codes have been circulating for many years, they weren’t easy to use until recently. Where, in the past, you needed special apps to take advantage of the information a QR Code had on the other end. Now, you just point your smartphone camera at the code and you’ll be given a choice as to whether you want to execute whatever task the code leads to.

I know some of us may be hesitant to follow a QR Code to what it has in store for us — it’s good to be cautious, with all the nasty people trying to steal our information out there. But, if you know the code is posted by a source you trust (hopefully, like us) you’ll be happy you made the jump.