RAUCHVERNÜGEN by German Engineered Cigars (RVGN)

RAUCHVERNÜGEN or RVGN, for those that prefer brevity, is a new and modernist boutique cigar brand. Created in Hamburg, Germany, the gentlemen behind German Engineered Cigars GmbH (the parent company behind RVGN) look at cigars as being part of a modern lifestyle, allowing you a very personal experience. They seek to ‘engineer’ cigars in the same way Germans seek to engineer the best technology in the world. The result is ultimate precision in aroma, taste, and smoking performance: cigars that are exciting, precise and satisfying down to the smallest details.

RVGN comes in a couple different footprints, which are identified with a hashtag followed by the number of cubic centimeters of tobacco in each size. For instance, #42 is a Robusto that contains approximately 42 cubic centimeters of tobacco (let’s not get wrapped up in a 11″ $5 Footlong issue with expecting down-to-the-cubic centimeter measurements, I said APPROXIMATE.)

The smooth reddish-brown colored Ecuadorian Habano wrapper brings a chocolaty tone. The Dominican Criollo 98 lends earthy, spicy tones, while the combination of Dominican Piloto, Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian filler tobaccos ties the experience together culminating in medium-bodied blend with flavor notes of cedar, spice, earth, coffee and a little peat, ginger and alpine herbs

We couldn’t wait to get our first order of RVGN in after the 2021 PCA Convention, where we put this blend at the top of our list of Hidden Gems of the year!

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid Seed
Binder: Dominican Criollo 98
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Pennsylvania
Body: Medium
Flavor: Medium