The Clown by Danli Honduras Tobacco

“I’m funny! Funny like a Clown?” That scene in Goodfellas is seared in my brain. So when I saw this trio of cigars from micro boutique, Danli Honduras Tobacco (Dahot for short,) I had to have some.

The Clown is a line of just three Toro cigars — three different blends, one size. They come in huge cubic-shaped boxes that immediately remind one of Jack-In-The-Boxes. I have to say, they have a strong shelf presence! (although the boxes are physically HUGE and hard as hell to display!)

The Clown Corojo Barber Pole

The Corojo Barber Pole is a mild to medium-bodied cigar the features Corojo versions of both Connecticut shade grown and Maduro wrappers over a mixture of tobaccos from the Jamastran, Copan, Jalapa, and Condega regions in Honduras and Nicaragua. It smokes sweet with notes of coffee, cream, sweet wood and light spices.

The Clown Doble Maduro Barber Pole

This blend features a ‘Maduroized’ tobacco from Mexico’s San Andreas region and Ecuador. The binder and filler are from the regions of Honduras and Nicaragua. This cigar offers a nice earthy, smooth and sweetness that will blow your mind. If you like the original Clown, the Doble Maduro is definitely a cigar you’ll love!

Just as an aside, Maduro tobacco is the product of a process rather that a type of tobacco. Meaning ripe in Spanish, the process of taking living green leaves from the field, drying, curing and fermenting them until they’re brown hued, has a third step added during the aging process. To ‘ripen’ the tobacco, it is aged longer and at a higher temperature. This ripening makes the tobacco dark, oily and concentrates the natural flavors and sugars the are hidden within the leaf.

The Clown Candela Barber Pole

It may very well be possible that The Clown Candela is the least written about cigar in the world! Seriously, it’s like no one knows anything about it — but, we do, ’cause we actually smoke everything BEFORE it gets into our humidor.

This mild to medium bodied blend is made up with creamy and delicious Jamastran, Copan, Jalapa and Condega tobacco wrapped in dual Honduran wrappers, including the rare to find ‘Candelaized’ leaf.

I say Candelaized because this green hued tobacco is the product of a modified curing and fermentation process that locks the green chlorophyll into the leaf. This locking-in is accomplished by almost flash cooking the raw green tobacco leaves so the characteristic green hue doesn’t get the chance to turn brown.

Danli Honduras’ The Clown line is a perfect way to explore how different processes produce different smoking experiences. while being ‘entertained’ or ‘terrified’ by the sinister clown on the band!