MAY 27, 2021 UPDATED

COVID-19 is far from gone. The CDC, Governor of Maryland, Anne Arundel County Executive and Annapolis City Mayor have all cancelled their mandated mandatory mask orders for many areas of our life. While masks are no longer legally required in many environments, they are still RECOMMENDED to protect us all from infection, reinfection, variant infection, etc…

As we’ve said since the beginning of this fiasco — WE WILL DECIDE when mandatory mask wearing ends in our store. For several good reasons, we are continuing to REQUIRE masks to be properly worn in the retail section of our shop for the foreseeable future.

Our Lounge is CLOSED to the general public until we no longer need to socially distance ourselves from each other. Contrary to some people’s thoughts, COVID-19 is still an issue we have to work around. To ensure that we have enough seating for our paying MEMBERS, we have to limit public access, again, for the foreseeable future.

RETAIL BUSINESS HOURS (Effective 12/1/20)
Monday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment

Tuesday: 11 AM till 8 PM or by appointment

We are open later on Tuesday evenings to help those that can’t make it in during regular weekday business hours.

Wednesday through Saturday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment

Sunday: 11 AM till 5 PM

Curbside Ordering and Pick Up are available during our regular retail hours. Deliveries will be made where we can accommodate the request.