PARADOXICAL: Birds Of A Feather Signature Series By Per Georg Jensen

The final chapter of the Birds Of A Feather series is Paradoxical (Release 6 of 6)

Tobacco Varieties Used: Rustica, Red & Stoved Virginias, Burleys


Plug Cut Paradoxical is Burley dominated with all the qualities it brings, complimented by the unique (spotlight tobacco) Rustica Tobacco, for which the blend was chosen to support. The taste is nutty with underlying cocoa notes, as good Burley tends to provide. Deeper in the blend, there is a sweetness that comes from the various virginias in the blend. The icing on the cake, so to speak, we find the spicy and earthy notes from the Rustica seamlessly lifting the taste and strength. A pleasant blend to smoke with a good mouthfeel and pleasant on strength.

The blend creation story for this series started at the 13th Annual Corps Of Richmond Pipe Smokers in the fall of 2021. READ MORE about the Birds Of A Feather series at Tobacco Pipes.