G.L. Pease STONEHENGE FLAKE Is Discontinued

In 2001, Greg Pease collaborated with G.H. & Co.’s John Gawith on a very special tobacco, and after nearly a year of development, Stonehenge Flake, a modern VA/Perique blend steeped in English tradition, was born.

Fine Virginia’s are layered with Louisiana Perique, and just a touch of Burley for added body and a fuller flavor, then steamed, hot-pressed, and matured. The cakes are thinly sliced and tinned.

From that initial collaboration, Stonehenge Flake was produced in December 2001 as a very limited edition of approximately 1500 2oz tins.

In June, 2017, Stonehenge Flake was re-released, manufactured by the precise formula and protocol John Gawith and Gregory Pease by Cornell & Diehl.

Now that the Laudisi Distribution Group is wholesaling Gawith & Hoggarth, Samuel Gawith and Cornell & Diehl, the company’s have collectively decided to discontinue the manufacture of Stonehenge Flake. However, as Stonehenge has been actually quite popular, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a re-re-release sometime in the future.