To say this year’s Peterson 2022 Christmas Pipe drop was robust might be an understatement. In this single release, there’s Army Smooth, Army Rusticated, Spigot Smooth and Spigot Rusticated – SIXTY individual options in all.

Each year since 2009, Peterson has released a special-edition Christmas pipe, typically presenting an array of popular Classic shapes in a singular finish unique to the year. For 2022, the Irish manufacturer has imagined a more dynamic range of iconic Peterson shapes in both rusticated and smooth finishes, each fitted with refined seasonal copper accents. Adding to the collectibility of the line, the 2022 Christmas pipe is the first series of pipes fully produced in the new and improved Peterson factory.

Peterson’s 2022 Christmas Pipe represents a particularly wide array of Classic shapes and the options for consumers extend well beyond the variety in shapes. This year, Peterson offers two distinct finishes: an elegant Heritage smooth and a more deeply textured Rusticated finish, both presented in a rich burgundy stain. Depending on the shape, enthusiasts can also choose between fine Army mounts and sturdy Spigots — both crafted from festive copper to complete the seasonal motif. Every pipe in the line is finished with a jet-black acrylic stem with Peterson’s traditional fishtail mouthpiece.

I’ve selected 10 unique styles I feel best capture the Christmas Spirit — all with a smooth Heritage finish. (Rusticated models are still available as of this writing, but I just didn’t find the rusticated inspiring.) For my selection, I pictured myself puffing on a pipe while reading the Night Before Christmas next to a roaring fire as steam rises from my cup of hot chocolate. The rusticated finish just didn’t seem right for me, so I only ordered the smooth models.

Christmas 2022 Spigot 03 Smooth $175.00
Christmas 2022 Spigot 05 Smooth $175.00
Christmas 2022 Spigot 80s Smooth $175.00
Christmas 2022 Army Mount 127 Smooth $140.00
Christmas 2022 Army Mount 128 Smooth $140.00
Christmas 2022 Army Mount 304 Smooth $140.00
Christmas 2022 Spigot 408 Smooth $175.00
Christmas 2022 Spigot 999 Smooth $175.00
Christmas 2022 Spigot B10 Smooth $175.00
Christmas 2022 Spigot XL02 Smooth $175.00