Official Release: 7/12/13, 6:00PM

A light, Oriental-focused English mixture accentuated with two novel, stoved tobaccos — Rustica and Katerini. The Orientals are musky and herbal, bringing much of the flavor alongside Red Virginia tang and wood as well as spice from the Stoved Katerini. The Stoved Rustica offers a stout body and peppery sensation, harmonizing with a light Latakia smokiness.

Stoved, or Cavendish style, tobaccos are often thought of as the vehicle for top flavoring. Though this is certainly a fine attribute, the wonderful characteristics imparted from the stoving process can easily be overlooked. Pipe Force illustrates just that with the stoving of two varietals for the first time, Rustica and Katerini.

The tin I opened contained a crumble cake that registered 94% humidity, so as you rub the tobacco out, you’ll need to give it a chance to dry a bit before packing your pipe. I used a Dagner 2021 Shot Glass Nose Burner, which always gives me a great experience when smoking English-style blends.

I found the tobacco presents a fairly smooth experience with just subtle hints of latakia smokiness peeking through the natural sweetness that comes from the stoved tobaccos.

Reverend Mike

Pipe Force, a series that celebrates pipe smoking by showing innovation isn’t a thing of the past, there are still frontiers to explore.


Tobaccos: Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Strength: Medium
Flavoring: None Added
Taste: Medium +
Room Note: Tolerable

MSRP: $21.23
MD OTP: $3.57
MD Retail Price: $24.80


As a follow-up to his successful BIRDS OF A FEATHER series, featuring Perique Katerini and Rustica, Per Gerorg Jensen has another group of six limited edition blends in his Signature Series staged for release.

The Pipe Force series features Stoved Katerini or Stoved Rustica, or both, which have never been blended with before.

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Episode V – Captain Ryan (9/13/23)
Episode VI – Specialist Falfa (11/25/23)
Episode I – Maj O’Meara (1/17/24)
Episode II – Sergeant Kimble (3/13/24)
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