For 2023, Esteban Carreras Cigars has released a second cigar in their TAKEN FROM THE DEVIL’S HAND line, following up on 2022’s TAKEN FROM THE DEVIL’S HAND DARK COROJO.

Frankly, I’m finding that there is quite a bit of confusion throughout the Internet between the original Dark Corojo wrapped cigars and the new Corojo Maduro. Many websites have the wrong pictures and descriptions. From the names alone, one might be tempted to think they’re pretty much the same thing. That assumption is wrong.

The Dark Corojo tobacco wrapper is slightly more red / brown than that of the Corojo Maduro, but the telltale difference are the colors used on the main band and footband — Dark Corojo has red and gold colors while the Corojo Maduro colors are black and silver.

The Dark Corojo features tobacco grown from smuggled Cuban seeds in Nicaragua. Corojo Maduro features tobacco grown in Ecuador from the same original pool of leaves. The Ecuadorian-grown Corojo tobacco is then fermented “low and slow” at a low heat level that works especially well for temperamental Corojo leaves, for two years longer than the Nicaraguan Dark Corojo used in the 2022 release.

The Ecuadorian Maduro version is more complex, spicier and savory than the Nicaraguan Dark Corojo leaf, taking the body and taste from Medium to Full up to strong FULL BODIED.

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Corojo Maduro
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan
BODY: Full
SIZES: 4 3/4 x 46 Bootlit, 6 x 50 Toro and 6 x 60 Sixty

There are reports that the Corojo Maduro blend is a limited edition, although confirmation of this status is elusive.