Become A VIP!

Recently. we got just TEN of a very hard to get cigar sampler delivered. We sent out a notice using our VIP Text System about 1 PM. By 4 PM all TEN were spoken for — GONE. Only people that signed up for the text notices got a shot at these “unobtanium” samplers.

Chesapeake Pipe & Cigar’s regular old landline is now TEXT ENABLED! The phone number we’ve had for over a dozen years — (443) 949-9004 — is now able to receive and send texts as a Member of our VIP List. This is an Opt-In ONLY service, so you need to text us at (443) 949-9004 and take less than 60-seconds to sign-up.


That’s what being a VIP means. It’s free and easy to sign-up. We give you our word that we won’t annoy you with a landslide of texts.

Q: What kind of crap are you going to text me?

A: This system is for SPECIAL crap:

  • New Items We’ve Brought Into The Shop
  • Receipt Of A New Supply Of Out-Of-Stock Items
  • First Access to Limited Edition Items
  • Reminders About Events
  • Times We Decide To Close Late
  • Coupons

As I’ve said many times, “You gotta take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity!” If you don’t know what’s up, you can’t pull the trigger, if the deal interests you.

To avoid sending you texts that about crap that won’t interest you, we have developed a short list of AREAS OF INTEREST to put you into.

  • PIPE
  • RYO
  • ALL (you’ll be included in EVERY text we send if you select ALL)

So, if you want to be a VIP, Text YES to 443-949-9004, follow the QR CODE (above) or follow this link to sign-up for our Send Crap To List >>>