In the last couple of years, the traditional children’s advent calendar has taken on a completely new life. There are now advent calendars for many types of interests that the 19th century German Lutherans that began the tradition might not recognize — calendars for Dogs, for Scotch Lovers, for Women’s Make-up, for Tequila Lovers, for Cats and, yes, Cigar Lovers.

A couple cigar manufacturers have embraced the yuletide celebration with Advent-style packages that off the lucky owner with some truly wonderful cigars — one per day, just like the ones that hold chocolates for the kids.

Remember, the 24 / 25 units have the equivalent of a full box of cigars included and are priced accordingly.

*** I’m not trying to force any particular religion on anyone with this article. I’m just explaining the background behind the customs. Do with it what you will.


At the PCA Trade Show in July of 2021, Tatuaje displayed the mock-up of what was supposed to be their 2021 Advent Package. For one or more of 50 reasons, production and distribution got delayed and the 2021 Advent Package became yet another casualty of the COVID throttled world.

So, time passed and the 2022 Trade Show had a display with TWO Advent Packages — 2021 and 2022. Of course, 2021 was well in our rearview mirror, but Tatuaje’s rebel leader, Pete Johnson has never been one to let a little detail like a date keep him from delivering on a promise.

2021 & 2022 Tatuaje Advent Calendars

As July turned into August, yadda, yadda, yadda, the promise of the 2022 Advent Package came into clear focus for everyone from the factory to the retailer. However, that 2021 Package was still hanging around the distribution center, after is was finally delivered way after Christmas 2021.

So, in a stroke of masterful genius, Pete decided to deliver both the 2021 AND 2022 inventory to his retailers in one pre-boxed package of 10 — 5 of the 2021 and 5 of the 2022.

So, right now, we have an inadvertently, additionally aged 2021 Advent Package AND the top quality 2022 Advent Package each with 24 cigars you’re sure to love waiting behind their individual door, waiting for you to open. Each package comes with a small dual purpose metal snowflake ornament included — one emblazoned with 2021 and one with 2022 etched in the middle. The ornament doubles as a knife of sorts. giving you a tool to carefully cut along each day’s perforated cover. How cool is THAT!


This year’s Oliva Advent Package features 25 cigars in a story book fold style box. There’s no actual story attached to the release of this Package and 21 or the 25 cigars are regular production blends and sizes. However, the package does include 4 exclusive Oliva V’s that can only be gotten in this package — 4 are Oliva V Melanos and 1 is a special Oliva V Lonsdale. And, you can tell the folks at Oliva have celebrated Christmas before — they’ve included an Oliva Torch Lighter in the package (having no lighter is like giving the kids a toy with no batteries.)

2022 Oliva Advent Calendar


Technically, not an Advent Calendar, the CAO 12 Days Package approaches the holiday’s from a slightly different perspective. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” are more than just a beloved Christmas carol. In Christian theology, the 12 days mark the time between the birth of Christ and the visit of the Magi, the three wise men. Beginning on December 25th and running through the Epiphany, Jan. 6, sometimes called Three Kings Day.


Day One celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Day Two is St. Stephen’s Day, remembering the death of Christianity’s first martyr.

Day Three is St. John, the Apostle Day, which remembers the patron saint of love, loyalty, friendship and author.

Day Four is the Feast of the Holy Innocents, when King Herod killed all the male babies in an attempt to murder baby Jesus

Day Five remembers St. Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was murdered because he challenged the king’s authority over the church.

Day Six celebrates St. Eqwin of Worcester for his protection of orphans and widows.

Day Seven (New Year’s Eve) remembers Pope Sylvester I, when he saw in the beginning of the Christian Roman Empire.

Day Eight (New Year’s Day) celebrates Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Day Nine honors two important Christians, St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen.

Day Ten celebrates the day when Jesus was named in the Jewish temple.

Day Eleven celebrates St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American saint, who lived during the 1700s.

Day Twelve (Epiphany Eve) is also called Twelfth Night.

Whether you just listen to Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters, sip a single malt scotch and smoke each day’s cigar, OR you want to ponder the meaning each of these 12 days has for you, OR you just like opening gifts in the form of cigars, the CAO 12-DAYS Package is a smaller commitment than the 24 & 25 Advent Packages.

The CAO package is the only one of the three / four that have the cigars marked on the corresponding packaging (no surprises here!)