Not all butane is the same AND not all great butane is as great as others as well.

XIKAR’s new High Performance Butane is a cut above some of the best butanes on the market, including XIKAR’s Purofine Premium Butane.

XIKAR High Performance Butane is specially formulated for increased performance of jet flame lighters, consistently providing a more robust and powerful flame. XIKAR High Performance Butane also strengthens your lighter’s flame under the tough conditions at high altitude. Produced with near zero impurities, XIKAR High Performance Butane can extend the life of your lighter by helping to prevent misfires and clogs in the fuel line.

  • New high performance formula View video
  • Produces a more robust and powerful flame View video
  • Increased performance at high altitude
  • Helps prevent misfires and clogs in fuel line

Now in stock at Chesapeake!