Peterson 125th Dracula

Since the inaugural release in 2012, the Dracula has become one of Peterson’s most popular regular production series, characterized by its evocative stem work and ghoulish aesthetics befitting the Gothic horror genre. This year, Peterson commemorates the 125th Anniversary of Bram Stoker’s legendary novel with a particularly haunting addition to the Dracula line — available for retail sale on May 26th, the exact day of the book’s original publication.

Dracula 125th Anniversary

The 125th Anniversary Dracula pipes showcase the line’s signature, marbled blood-red and jet-black acrylic stems refined by Peterson’s popular fishtail mouthpieces. The bowl itself is finished in a rich, dark ebony sandblast with a shimmering visual quality that accentuates an extra-broad nickel band — a celebrated design element of the Peterson workshop. Moreover, the limited-edition release is available in a singular shape and size: the curvaceous and muscular XL11, a legendary Peterson shape first produced in 1987. Presenting a flared Calabash/Bell shaped bowl, the XL11 is among Peterson’s most iconic designs and was specially selected for this commemorative occasion.

These eye-catching pipes deliver elegance, flair, and an appropriate nod to the macabre that enthusiasts of the series have come to love. Each Peterson Dracula is further accompanied by a stylish and utilitarian red leather pipe stand to complete the thematic motif. At only $145 MSRP, this historic line is sure to draw mass appeal from enthusiasts of the series and first time buyers alike.

Available Shapes: XL11 Only

Chesapeake Price: $145