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Official Release: 7/12/13, 6:00PM A light, Oriental-focused English mixture accentuated with two novel, stoved tobaccos — Rustica and Katerini. The Orientals are musky and herbal, bringing much of the flavor alongside Red Virginia tang and wood as well as spice from the Stoved Katerini. The Stoved Rustica offers a stout body and peppery sensation, harmonizing with a light Latakia smokiness.…

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ANOMALOUS: Birds Of A Feather Signature Series By Per Georg Jensen

Release Date: March 15, 2023 at 6 PM Tobacco Varieties Used: Katerini Perique, Red & Stoved Virginias, Burley Crumble Cake- This blend contains the unique Katerini Perique which inspired the creation of the Birds Of A Feather series. Very few pipe smokers have heard about this tobacco, and with good reason. Sutliff is the only pipe tobacco blender who has…

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Katerini Perique Style

NOTE: This new take on an old tobacco began as an experiment by Mark Ryan, owner of L.A. Poche Perique Tobacco, the ONLY surviving processor of original Perique tobacco. Katerini is a very important tobacco producing area in the southwest of Thessalonika on mountain slopes of mainland Greece (western Macedonia). The small, heart shaped leaf that takes the area’s name…