ANTHOLOGY 2023 By Cornell & Diehl

The original Anthology was released by Cornell & Diehl in 2022 as a celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary. It featured a number of tobaccos that paid tribute to the brand’s rich history.

Anthology 2023 is a similarly celebratory blend, although it celebrates their 31st year in 2023, showcasing a curated selection of exceptional Red Virginias from releases over the last 10 years. The blend comprises a mixture of 2013 Steamed Virginia Reds, 2019 North Carolina Reds, 2022 North Carolina Reds, and 2019 Georgia Reds (sounds like a tour of ACC colleges) that are treated with Cornell & Diehl’s proprietary stoving process and sliced into flakes. Primed for aging, Anthology 2023 is a unique take on the Virginia blend that’s highlighted by a naturally sweet and tangy profile which includes notes of earth, crushed allspice, black currant, and rich dark molasses.

Cut: Flake

Components: 2013 Steamed Virginia Reds • 2019 North Carolina Reds • 2022 North Carolina Reds • 2019 Georgia Reds

Strength: ★★★

Room Note: ★★★

Taste: ★★★★

MSRP: $15.50 (plus $2.79 Pipe Tobacco Tax in Maryland)