When we first opened our doors in June, 2009, we built our reputation as a solid boutique cigar retailer. Over the subsequent years, the only constant in our humidor has been change, as the popularity of certain cigars ebbed and flowed.

Fourteen years later, we still pride ourselves on both personally selecting and expertly curating cigars in our humidor. Part of those efforts has been for us to weigh the value of bringing both very recognizable and micro brands together in harmony from which our customers can select.

We have consistently carried Ashton Cigars, all of which are made for them by Arturo Fuente. We have been very happy with our choice to carry Ashton, but there has always been a bit of lingering uncomfortableness with the lack of formal Fuente branded products being on our shelves.

During the last couple of months, we have been working behind the scenes to establish a formal relationship with Arturo Fuente directly. Bringing Fuente cigars to our humidor isn’t as easy as dialing up the company and giving them our credit card. Arturo Fuente has a strict vetting process through which potential retailers must pass. And, even if the retailer meets the strict criteria, Fuente may or may not be opening new retailer accounts at that time.

To our delight, we successfully made it through the vetting process. However, we were told up front, that they weren’t currently opening new accounts. It seemed like a hollow victory at the time.

Then, we received a message from the local representative that not only had we been approved, but the company had gone ahead and made room for us on their otherwise exclusive list of official Arturo Fuente Retailers.

So, we’re proud to announce that Chesapeake Pipe & Cigar will soon be officially carrying cigars by Arturo Fuente.

We’ll be starting to add choices from the company’s core lines — Gran Reserva, Chateau Fuente and Hemingway. As we grow our selection, we will hopefully get a taste of their harder to get and limited edition products. Like the aging of their tobacco, Arturo Fuente will not rush the hands of time.