The name Rattray’s stands for the highest quality of Scottish smoking culture. Charles Rattray, born in 1880 in Scotland, spent his time training in a stronghold of the tobacco industry, in Dundee, Scotland. Charles made the decision, very early on, to embrace his ideas for tobacco mixtures. In 1903 he opened the House of Rattray in Perth, thus founding one of the largest tobacco companies on the British Isles. Charles Rattray is still a well-known name in the pipe smoking world, his tobaccos are highly rated by connoisseur smokers. Located in Perth, the Rattrays tobacconist not only sold tobaccos, but like most tobacconists blended on site too. His skills with tobacco eventually saw the shop become a blending house in its own right.

House Of Rattray, Perth, Scotland

Charles Rattray never actually manufactured his very own pipes. Instead, he selected pipes from some of the best British pipe makers of his time and private labeled them RATTRAY’S

Currently, Oliver Kopp, of Germany’s Kohlhase, Kopp und Co. KG, has been the driving force behind the Rattrays brand. Under the name RATTRAY’S, Kopp sources their private label pipes from makers all over Europe, ensuring that the Rattray’s Pipe Brand has a wide variety of pipe shapes and finishes, while maintaining their signature English styling.

While Rattray’s tobacco production has moved from Scotland to Germany, all the blends are skillfully hand produced as they have been over 100 plus years, using all the secrets Charles Rattray brought with him when he set out on his own.

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