“When you try to blend a cigar that everyone likes, you have ultimately created a cigar that no one loves.”
— Steve Saka, Owner of DTT Cigars

After nearly a year of coordination, we’ve finally added Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust cigars to our humidor. Not just a few boxes here and there. We’re bringing in all their award winning lines:

*Some items in some lines are subject to special order and may or may not be available.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigars

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (DTT) is the fulfillment of the life long dream of long-time industry insider, Steve Saka. Like many upstart boutique cigar brand owners, Saka wasn’t born into the cigar world. Saka, empowered with healthy doses of passion, persistence and reverence, quietly rose from writing stories about cigars in the mid 1990’s to creating one of the most honored new cigar manufacturing companies today.

It’s very easy for a cigar maker to say “Smoke my great cigar!” — VERY EASY. It’s even commonplace for an obscure upstart to hit upon a moderately successful “WINNER” on which laurels they can rest upon. Saka’s DTT is so much more than just being the “flavor of the week.”

Saka started DTT in 2015, after years of working as an inside consultant for the legendary Lew Rothman of JR Cigars and almost a decade as President and CEO of Drew Estates. During that time, Saka brought his dream into focus — to make cigars without any compromises — “Puros Sin Compromiso.”

Since starting in 2015, Dunbarton’s core lines of cigars have been annual inclusions on many “Top Cigar” lists, earning the company the honor of being Cigar Company Of The Year FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.)

Saka is very well known for being demanding, blisteringly forthright and extremely critical of not only all those that he works with, but of himself and his own cigars. While we like many cigar makers, we respect Saka immensely. Today his craft cigars are considered some of the absolute finest in the marketplace bar none.