Seattle Pipe Club 2022 Plum Pudding Special Reserve Flake — ON SALE 4/26/22

Over the years, the Master Blender behind the wildly popular Seattle Pipe Club line of pipe tobaccos, Joe Lankford, has earned the trust of most of the pipe smoking enthusiasts in America.

Last year, Lankford released a Special Reserve Flake of his Mississippi River blend. This year, Lankford has moved on to a years old desire to create a Special Reserve Flake in his equally popular Plum Pudding blend — Seattle Pipe Club Special Reserve Flake.

Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Special Reserve

Lankford personally prefers flake-cut tobaccos, so this Special Reserve release is near and dear to his heart. And, thanks to a small supply of rare leaf, this Plum Pudding is truly a one of a kind release.

Complex, smoky and spicy, this tobacco’s flavor will win your heart. The blend includes Turkish Orientals, Virginia Cavendish, Louisiana Perique and the perfect dose of Latakia. It’s everything you love in a properly blended English mixture, pressed, sliced and ready to be smoked.

As this Special Reserve is a Limited Edition, supplies a very limited. We will be limiting individual sales so as many people as possible can enjoy a taste of this one of a kind Plum Pudding. The National release date is April 26th and we expect it to sell out quickly.