Just in time for the “Holiday’s” we’re happy to bring two new brands into our humidor from Alec Bradley — Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf and Alec Bradley Medalist.

Alec Bradley Medalist

While Medalist isn’t a new cigar, it’s new to us. A sample of Medalist was left by our Alec Bradley rep a few weeks ago. I just got around to smoking it this last Monday. As I was smoking, I was thinking, this is a damn good cigar! It was my thought that Medalist would be something “new” that would be great for having on hand when sharing cigars with friends and family. It’s complex and flavorful enough for seasoned smokers and mild enough for sharing with friends and family. READ MORE >>>

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf

Double Broadleaf is the latest release from Alec Bradley — or, what I like to call “New, New”. It’s the third release in the Alec Bradley Experimental Series following Project 40 and Project 30 Maduro. Double Broadleaf features proprietary wrapper and binder tobaccos from heritage Connecticut Broadleaf seeds grown in the rich soils of Honduras. These exclusive tobaccos are then blended with an additional binder from Nicaragua and filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua to create a bold, rich, and flavorful smoking experience. The creation of Double Broadleaf exemplifies what it means to be experimental.

While the Medalist is lite and refreshing, Double Broadleaf is a flavor bomb that can stand-up to the best Scotch, Tawney Port or Stout — perfect for a cold winter’s night of relaxation. READ MORE >>>