PIPE NEWS: JULY 26, 2023

It seems like the late spring and summer of ’23 has been unusually busy in the pipe category. We’ve had a number of new pipe tobaccos released — some annual, some new and a few limited editions.

PETERSON OF DUBLIN: has been pretty busy releasing the 2023 Carroll of Carrollton commemorative pipes, honoring the only Irish Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence (247 years ago.) This annual numbered release featured one design with FIVE different finishes. We still have a few smooth and sandblasted left in stock.

In addition to the Carroll pipes, Peterson has just sent us our allocation of a limited production run of Smooth Terracotta Silver Mounted Spigots, which go on sale July 28th at 6 PM.

We can barely keep up with the pipe tobacco releases of late. Just when we think we’ve announced all there is to announce, something new pops up.

MAC BAREN HH RUSTICA HOT PRESSED FLAKE: 5,500 Numbered 3.5 ounce tins spotlight one of the most difficult tobaccos to work with — Nicotiana Rustica. Using a hot pressing method, Mac Baren tames the Rustica blend with wonderful results.

SUN BEAR TUPELO: Cornell & Diehl’s annual Sun Bear release features iconic Tupelo honey. These tins are going FAST, so get ’em while we got ’em!

CARIBBEAN BLUE SERIES BY KOHLHASE & KOPP: Six new Danish-style aromatic blends named after real Pirates of the Caribbean — GRAHAM, BELLAMY, *SEEGAR, WYNNE, DRAKE and RACKHAM. Sample tins are available to try before you buy. *Seegar is an “English” Aromatic, with a touch of Latakia.

MISSOURI MEERSCHAUM ELITE SERIES: Three limited edition releases to honor community infrastructure improvements implemented in Washington, MO by the founder of Missouri Meerschaum, Henry Tibbe and his son, Anton. PARTY LINE celebrates the arrival of telephone service, LUMINAIRE acknowledges the coming of electricity to their small town and DRAWDOWN is a tribute to the Tibbe’s work in bringing wind powered plumbing to their town in 1887.

PIPE FORCE EPISODE IV: The first in a planned series of six limited edition tobaccos blended by Mac Baren’s Master Blender, Per Georg Jensen. In this series, Jensen seeks to spotlight the use of Stoved Katerini and Rustica tobaccos.