“Give me Liberty or Give me Death” Founding Father Patrick Henry’s powerful speech in 1775 helped ignite the War for Independence. His cry for Liberty still rings true. Tobacco farming was at the heart of Early America.

Seattle Pipe Club Signature Series “Give Me Liberty”

This special blend is predominantly Old Belt Red Virginia’s from North Carolina combined with some lightly stoved Virginia from Brazil. Old Belt is the nation’s oldest tobacco market. The tobacco is aged and pressed into an easy to use crumble cake. The result is a beautiful mahogany colored Virginia for a smooth and zesty all day smoke.

It should be noted that Red Virginia tobacco is made, not grown. Regular or “Bright” Virginia tobacco is taken and subjected to a combination of heat and steam, which “cooks” the tobacco. As the heat and steam work their magic, the raw tobacco goes from yellow (aka Bright) to deep Red, and, if left long enough, to black (aka Dark). This process, called Stoving, and each Master Blender has their own “secret” process to draw exactly what they’re looking for from the tobacco.

You should expect notes of dark dried fruit (plum), citrus, a hint of spice and a touch of acidity to come together in perfect harmony.