TASTE OF TEMPTATION Limited Valentine’s Themed Pipe Tobacco

When Missouri Meerschaum commissioned Sutliff Tobacco to create a Valentine’s Day themed pipe tobacco for their 2023 Limited Edition release, they started with the theme “Taste Of Temptation” and the mission of “Capturing The Pipe Smoker’s Heart”.

Taste Of Temptation From Missouri Meerschaum

The resulting tobacco is an aromatic luscious Amaretto & Cherry blend that tempts pipe smokers with its delectable profile. When opened, the tin note reminds me of a cherry flavored chocolate covered marshmallow candy from Russell Stover. I tested the humidity and it comes in right at 70%, which is a pretty typical level for an aromatic. Letting it sit and dry for 20 minutes or so before packing will probably put it right around 62%.

I smoked my test bowl from a Missouri Meerschaum Corncob Poker, which i typically use for trying new aromatics. When properly seasoned, I find the Corncob to be very clean and dry smoking — perfect for slightly sticky aromatics.

The room note is very pleasant, retaining that aroma of the Russell Stovers Chocolate Covered Marshmallow with Cherry flavoring. While there’s no chocolate topping, the natural cured tobacco brings hints of it in none the less. When slowly smoked, the amaretto flavoring becomes more pronounced, while the cherry remains more subtle.

Taste Of Temptation is a fantastic addition to any cherry aromatic lover’s cellar! Available here at Chesapeake starting January 20th.