July 27, 2020 UPDATED

With governmental restrictions being eased, many people have mistakenly assumed that the pandemic is over. IT’S NOT! Regardless of what the governement, your boss, your Pastor or even your Mom say, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over!

For the most part, our members and customers have done a great job helping all the rest of us stay safe from COVID-19 infection following our simple two-step process — Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. We like joining most of our fellow retailers in being part of a successful reopening. We hope to continue this success as COVID-19 stays with us.

When you enter the shop, please wait at the cash register for further direction.

Properly worn protective face masks are required at ALL TIMES in the retail area. (Whether you think the virus is a hoax or that mandatory masks are a violation of your constitutional rights, if you don’t wear a proper mask in the proper manner inside our shop, you will have to wait outside on the sidewalk for curbside pickup ONLY!)

Before entering the humidor or handling merchandise, you MUST use our hand sanitizer (or your own, if you carry it around)! Visit our sanitizer station before entering the humidor. (Again, if you refuse to do as we ask, you can wait out on the sidewalk and do curbside pick-up ONLY!)

We no longer provide cutters for customers to use themselves. We are glad to cut your cigar for you, however once you’ve put the cigar in your mouth, we will not cut it for you (believe it or not, it’s very common to have cigar smokers put the cigar in their mouth to wet it prior to cutting). We’ve got plenty of cutters available for sale if you need to cut your cigar on your own.

We suggest using your own lighter as well. The contaminated surface of a lighter could easily become the springboard for a whole list of positive COVID-19 tests that might be traced back to using that community lighter just one time. We sell VERY inexpensive refillable torch lighters as well as providing new boxes of matches free of charge.

Members and their guests continue to have 24/7 access to the Lounge (subject to the maximum capacity of eight people at any one time.) Due to various reasons, non-members can not use our lounge for the foreseeable future. No one may use the lounge unless they sign our Waiver Of Liability.

Common use ashtrays are available in the lounge. We suggest STRONGLY that you use the available cleaning materials to sanitize the stirrup on your ashtray prior to settling in to relax.

Monday through Saturday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment 
Sunday: 11 AM till 5 PM
We will evaluate our daily hours and make modifications as the TV sports schedules warrant later closings.

Curbside Ordering and Pick Up are available during our regular retail hours. Deliveries will be made where we can accomodate the request.


COVID-19 is and will be a major pain in the ass for some time to come. We will continue to enforce the Mask, Sanitizer and Physical separation until WE feel the risk of us contracting the disease is over. We will decide when that will be, not the Governor, County Executive, Mayor or President. Please get used to our rules for our protection and your’s as well.