August 8, 2021 UPDATED

Eighteen months into this global disaster we’ve been through a lot of “stuff”. Stuff like masks, distancing, closures, dry hands (from sanitizer), toilet paper shortages and the great vaccine debate just to scratch the surface. I know that we’re all sick and tired of this mess!

As the owner of a business that’s open to the general public, I’ve sometimes had to make decisions that are in the best interest of a certain group of customers, which don’t sit well with another group of customers. That’s really been the case during the pandemic. Recently, I’ve again been forced by reality to re-implement precautionary measures to responsibly mitigate the spread of COVID’s latest attack on humanity — DELTA VARIANT (and the LAMBDA VARIANT).

So, we are again requiring ALL CUSTOMERS to mask-up while in the retail section of our shop. I don’t want it this way and most of you don’t want it this way either, but the pandemic apparently has other plans.

As we’ve said since the beginning of this fiasco — WE WILL DECIDE when mandatory mask wearing is required in our store — we don’t need the Mayor, County Executive, Governor, CDC or President to tell us we have to do it.

Before you get upset by our decision, please remember — WE DON’T WANT TO WEAR MASKS OR MAKE YOU WEAR MASKS! It’s a major pain in the ass for us to implement this policy.

Our Lounge is CLOSED to the general public. However, CLUB MEMBERS continue to have unrestricted access to the lounge. We were hoping that we’d be able to re-open the lounge to non-members for the 2021 NFL Season, but we’re delaying this in response to the growing surge of late summer COVID cases.

RETAIL BUSINESS HOURS (Effective 8/8/20)
Monday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment

Tuesday: 11 AM till 8 PM or by appointment

We are open later on Tuesday evenings to help those that can’t make it in during regular weekday business hours AND to host the weekly meeting of The Ancient & Honorable Tuesday Club Of Annapolis.

Wednesday through Saturday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment

Sunday: 11 AM till 5 PM

Curbside Ordering and Pick Up are available during our regular retail hours. Deliveries will be made where we can accommodate the request.