Two years ago today, COVID shut our shop down and things haven’t been the same ever since. While COVID is far from gone, it looks like we’re past the worst part. Since the CDC has dropped their mask recommendations, we too have dropped our masking requirement, with the stipulation that there’s always a chance masks will come back.) You’re more than welcome to continue to wear a mask if you want.

While we’re still maintaining a little extra room between Lounge seating, our Lounge is now open to the general public during business hours.

We do request you use some common sense when patronizing our shop. If you’re sick (COVID or not), its probably not a good idea to come in and spew your germs all over — stay home. (Since the mask mandates were dropped, there has been a late season spike in Flu cases, so clearly, masks do help us stay healthy.)

Monday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment

Tuesday: 11 AM till 8 PM or by appointment

We are open later on Tuesday evenings to help those that can’t make it in during regular weekday business hours AND to host the weekly meeting of The Ancient & Honorable Tuesday Club In Annapolis.

Wednesday through Saturday: 11 AM till 6 PM or by appointment

Sunday: 11 AM till 5 PM

Curbside Ordering and Pick Up are available during our regular retail hours. Deliveries will be made where we can accommodate the request.