On my latest weekly shopping trip to the Savinelli website, I found a NEW pipe series pair of pretty cool new pipes that I immediately knew I had to have at our shop. I pulled the trigger, ordered a couple of each finish, and, thankfully, pressed the BUY button. Just an hour after I paid for the content of my shopping cart, these pipes were listed as SOLD OUT. Of course, that made me proud of myself, having scored a few of what I think will be very popular new pipes.

Arlecchino is a lively and playful series ideal for pipe smokers looking for a classic pipe with a unique, whimsical flair. These pipes are available in just one of Savinelli’s traditional styles. Arlecchino is a 111 KS Billiard fitted to a unique mouthpiece of harlequin-patterned acrylic, custom sourced specifically for this series. Available in Smooth Natural and Rusticated Black finishes, each pipe includes its own display box.

Smooth Natural (6mm Filter) $195.00

Rusticated Black (6mm Filter) $160.00

The Rusticated Black has a feature the Smooth Natural does not — a flat bottom that makes this version a great sitter (a sitter is a pipe at stands up when placed on a reasonably flat surface.)