Cigars In Tubes Are A Good Idea In The COVID-19 World

Right now, we’re six months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and, other than the hope of a safe vaccine, we’re going to continue to take as many precautions as we can to avoid contracting the virus.

La Aurora's Famous Preferidos
La Aurora’s Famous Preferidos

The surface of the cellophane is a porous surface that can easily host the current coronavirus. If the cigar has no cellophane, then your dealing with dried tobacco that generally has an oily surface that’s like a magnet to germs and viruses of all kinds.

The cigar en tubo or cigar in a tube adds a hard surface around the cigar that can be easily sanitized without affecting the cigar itself. (Sure, it’s not air tight, so careless cleaning could end up seeping into the cigar tube and adversely affecting the cigar inside).

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