I know Bilbo Baggins is a fictional character, but something so trivial as being real should not deter us from celebrating his birthday!

So, Peter and I whipped-up a batch of Tewksbury & Company’s Hobbit’s Weed. We used the original recipe with the original ingredients, recreating this popular blend. We’re calling our’s Hobbit’s Weed — Second Lunch.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 lbs Lane BCA (aka Black Cavendish)
  • 1 lb Lane Very Cherry (we’re tempted to tinker with the blend by replacing the Very Cherry with something like Gawith & Hogarth’s American Black Cherry)
  • 1 lb Sutliff 1M (Vanilla)

Second Lunch’s blend brings together chocolaty Black Cavendish, Very Cherry (“in your face” aroma of maraschino cherries) and a fairly sedate Sutliff 1M, a Green River Vanilla — Chocolate Vanilla and Cherry all in one bowl!

You can buy all the ingredients and blend it up yourself, but why go to the trouble when our version of Hobbit’s Weed is priced at the same exact price as Lane BCA & Lane Very Cherry — no upcharges whatsoever. (There’s an additional charge for the refillable airtight amber colored jar, if you’re so inclined to have it packaged in that manner.)