Welcome the inaugural blend in Seattle Pipe Clubs’ Signature Series!

Starting in 1612, John Rolfe and his then wife Pocahontas, of the Jamestown Colony, began growing tobacco, naming the strain they grew after their plantation, which they called Varina Farms Plantation. This particular tobacco became known as “Virginia Tobacco.”

The tobacco was shipped worldwide on ships. To keep each lot of tobacco separate, the farmers would pack their crop into barrels. The barrels were commonly referred to as “hogsheads.”

Hogshead Signature is 100% Virginia tobaccos, but with different treatments, bringing together 10-year aged Red Virginia and the rare 10-year aged Orange Virginia, presented in plug form. It’s a cool burning tobacco with notes of floral, spice, leather and earth accent the fermented fruity sweet Virginia flavor, Hogshead offers an old-world Empire leaf style experience that extends to the lightly lingering, pleasant after taste.

Hogshead is packaged in 4 oz cans only.

I’d like to note that the Master Blender behind this and most all of the Seattle Pipe Club’s tobaccos, Joe Lankford passed away in the summer of 2022. The pipe world will truly miss Joe!