Starting on Tuesday, February 14th, Peterson is introducing the newest finish in their swanky System Spigot — Sandblast.

Among the most recent additions to Peterson’s celebrated System range, the System Spigot series elevates Charles Peterson’s patented engineering through the inclusion of a sterling silver spigot mount, graduated bore ebonite P-Lip mouthpiece, as well as Peterson’s deep moisture reservoir. Finally, Peterson has added several shapes finished in their textured, craggy sandblast with dark stain. The System Spigot Sandblasted is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade from Peterson’s Standard System and non-System pipes.

Peterson’s System Spigot Sandblasted

Over the last few years, Peterson’s darkly-dyed sandblast has risen in popularity across a couple of regular lines, PSB-graded shapes and limited releases, like the 2023 St. Patrick’s Day release.

These pipes come with a premium leather suede pipe pouch and have an MSRP of $200